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Anagathusia is a short art film by Jesse Waugh starring Gerardo Alberto Nuñez.

Agathusia means 'noble sacrifice' - like seppuku or sati or harakiri (hari kari). So by anagathusia I mean wasteful, ignoble suicide despite any good intentions. Anagathusia would include pointless self-sacrifice. I apply this concept to the current situation facing the West, in which it suffers from what I would describe as "suicidal altruism". 

What positive entities must realize is that there is NOTHING we can do to fill the abyss of the negative. Attempts to satiate it by force are unnatural and born of hubris. If we love ourselves, others and nature, then it behooves us to accept that gender is balance, and that hives manifest hierarchies. We can fight that Truth all we want, but such a fight can only end in self-destruction.

Self-sacrifice may or may not have served a valid purpose for humanity in the past. But it is a form of human sacrifice no matter how you look at it. Individuals sacrificing themselves for the group seems like an insect behavior to me. Perhaps it is hubris on my part to think we can come up with a better solution.



I Follow Monty

I  Follow Monty is  a cover of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers", dedicated to cairn terrier Monty Williamson.


Over You

Original song and music video by Jesse Waugh
Click here to listen to the song on Spotify


I See Right Through It

The new music video for my single "I See Right Through It".
Click here to listen to the song on Spotify. 


Cube Fountain

Cube Fountain lasts ten minutes and shows a memorial bird bath in All Saints Park in Manchester, England.



Music video for my rendition of The Beatles' Come Together



Sung by Jesse Waugh
Video by Jesse Waugh comprised of clips from Narcotics: Pit of Despair.




Sung by Jesse Waugh
Music video filmed at Brighton Beach



Hidden Eclipse is footage of a solar eclipse behind cloud cover.



“the wickedest man in the world”

Edward Alexander Crowley (12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947) AKA Aleister Crowley was a notorious English occultist who died in Hastings and was cremated at Brighton Woodvale Crematorium.

No one knows what happened to his ashes - it is rumoured that they were spread at sea -- presumably in Brighton or Hastings. Another rumour states that they were sent to Crowley’s spiritual successor Karl Germer - who took over as the head of Crowley’s Ordo Templi Orientis cult - and who buried them in his New Jersey garden.

Jesse Waugh gained access to the Woodvale Crematorium records and found Crowley’s ashes were “Taken away” by a certain L. Wilkinson on the 5th of December, 1947, after a Black Mass had been performed in Crowley’s honour.


Crowley’s Inferno is an exploration of time and space. It depicts the crematorium where “the wickedest man in the world” - as he was dubbed by the press - Aleister Crowley’s body was cremated. It is still in use, and continues to billow out large quantities of heat from its smoke stacks.



Posthumous is a succession of Spring-flowering bulbs at a graveyard in Brighton, England. It symbolizes the Phoenix of Beauty rising from the ashes of dead Conceptualism.

It is filmed in a deliberately careless way, in mimicry of Nature's own brazenly prolific, but haphazard reproductive tendencies. It is meant as a complement to Crowley's Inferno, and is filmed in the same cemetery where Aleister Crowley was cremated.




Polishing the Concept is footage of me breaking.



Beauty Sublime is harmony between exalted opposites.




Clips from almost all my movies! Featuring footage from my film works 1994-2014.



I composed this piece on Claude Debussy's birthday August 22, 2014. Debussy has been my favourite artist and composer since I first heard his Nocturnes Sirènes when I was 11 years old, and called the radio station to find out what it was!

Although it's well known that he disliked being labelled as an Impressionist, I've included works by Monet in the video as I think they go well with the music.



I had the opportunity to visit the Mackintosh Library in the Glasgow School of Art in December, 2013, several months before it was destroyed by fire. It was an atmospheric room, and one of the premier examples of Art Nouveau interiors in the world.

I used footage I'd taken during my visit, along with an original musical composition of mine to put together this video piece which I call REQUIEM FOR THE MACKINTOSH LIBRARY.




Japanese Tea Garden is a night peregrination through a Shinto garden haunted with stone lantern Kami spirits, where you will be surrounded by plopping frogs, shedding acers, tapping water deer-scarers, and crickets, before a secret tea ceremony takes place in a softly glowing tea house hidden inside a grove of bamboo.




The Rain Temple: Et in Arcadia ego is an attempt to recreate the feeling I felt as a child when I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. There was no more beautiful place in the world than the Japanese Tea Gardens in the rain.  

The Rain Temple was filmed at the Temple of Arcadia on The Path of Enlightenment at Torrigiani Gardens in Florence, Italy, during a March rainstorm, 2013.




Witness the beautiful Temple of Arcadia, the ethereal Path of Enlightenment, as well as the astounding history and function of Torrigiani Garden's Baccani Tower - otherwise known as The Tower of Athanor. Was human sacrifice a part of the alchemical ritual enacted in the oven of this beautiful Tower of Athanor? Is this the Bohemian Grove of Italy?

Marquis Vanni Torrigiani Malaspina, descendent of a long line of Florentine Italian noblemen who is one of the primary custodians of the beautiful Torrigiani Gardens in Florence, Italy, takes us on the garden's Path of Enlightenment, and explains the esoteric significance of the estate's plethora of arcane iconography - including the awe-inspiring Torrigiani Tower of Athanor - a colossal 19th century alchemical oven in which bodies were burned as purification.

The Giardino Torrigiani is the largest privately held urban estate in Europe. Next time you're in Florence, be sure to visit the wonderful Torrigiani Gardens - following is their website:




Poppy The Little Cairn Terrier stars in Jesse Waugh's CAIRN Music Video from his album Butterflies & Rainbows (For Poppy). Poppy takes on the role of Siegfried descending into the Dragons' Lair and routs out The Evil Rats from crevasses deep inside a cairn! Find out if she escapes from the abysmal depths of the cairn - Dragons Den! How will she get out and where will she go?

Download the entire album Butterflies & Rainbows for free from



ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE NEW AGE: Jesse Waugh's THE THIRD TEMPLE is an inauguration of the dawning Age of Aquarius which began Dec. 21, 2012.

Filmed at numerous Egyptian temples and pyramids, at the site of Oracle of Delphi in Greece, and in the City of Moshiach, Jerusalem - THE THIRD TEMPLE is a loving homage to Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising.

Jesse Waugh's THE THIRD TEMPLE Starring Anwar Usman is inspired by Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger. Shot principally in Egypt, at numerous Ancient Egyptian temples up and down the Nile, THE THIRD TEMPLE employs Angerian archetypes established in Lucifer Rising and other works, in an attempt to ceremonially bring on the New Age of Aquarius.

The ritualistic love power exchange between Pharaoh (in this case Akhenaten) and Queen (in this case Nefertiti) which was the crux of Lucifer Rising is supplanted by an embodiment of The Sacred Hermaphrodite enacting both roles against itself.

THE THIRD TEMPLE is an inauguration of the coming reestablishment and rebuilding of King Solomon's Temple for the third time at the site of the current Dome of The Rock.

THE THIRD TEMPLE Soundtrack can be downloaded from More info here.



Ever wondered what the Nile looks like?

NILE DRIFT is a relaxing journey down the River Nile from Luxor to Aswan and back. Experience the beauty and deep tranquillity of the banks of the Nile as you pass by hundreds of miles of verdant scenery and desert landscapes, while egrets fly past, reeds rustle in the wind, and palm trees sway in the breeze.



RAINBOW is the second music video from the Jesse Waugh album Butterflies & Rainbows (For Poppy) available for download at It features a beautiful rainbow recorded at the mystical Alderley Edge - a druid center since ancient times - in Cheshire, England.



BANG BANG JELLYFISH is a motion picture work by Jesse Waugh featuring imagery of sea anemones, leafy sea dragons, and jellyfish taken at the Lisbon Oceanarium. The movie is scored with a recording of Jesse Waugh playing instruments at a musical playground outside of the Oceanarium, also entitled "BANG BANG JELLYFISH".



Poison Dart Frogs have to be the most candied, seemingly artificial little animals on the planet. They look like they're made of plastic. I once chased one around a white sand forest in the Amazon!

These are happy inhabitants of the Lisbon Oceanarium. I made a little video of them complete with froggy musical accompaniment.



Neon tetras are my favorite fish. They are native to the western Amazon region in Peru, Columbia, and Brazil. They iridesce blue similar to Morphos, and also have a bright red stripe. They are otherwise completely transparent.



"SPECTRUM" piano music from the album "Butterflies & Rainbows (For Poppy). Music composed, recorded, and video filmed by Jesse Waugh. Featuring "Whenever the rainbow appears" - 360 narrow oil paintings by Olafur Eliasson, which together compose a color spectrum on canvas, on show at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.



Southern Swallowtail Butterfly (Iphiclides feisthamelii) recorded in Jardim Amalia Rodrigues in Lisbon, Portugal, by Jesse Waugh. Includes the tune "Swallowtail" by Jesse Waugh.



RAINBOW DECAY: Signalling The End of The Age of Pisces are a series of paintings by artist Jesse Waugh. Allowed to age and decay for an entire year in a humid rural building on the Somerset Levels within the town limits of Glastonbury, the RAINBOW DECAY paintings emerged in 2012 as an entity of their own--revealing unforeseen colours and harkening to a New Beauty for the Age of Aquarius.



Tranquil Turn was my beautiful art studio in an old tumbledown English cottage on the edge of Glastonbury, Somerset, England. It will always be very special to me

I built Tranquil Turn Temple toward the back of the complex, which was a function of The Fruitarian Society, and was dedicated to the worship of fruit. 



The White Spring is across from the Chalice Well. The interior of a Victorian reservoir set up to combat a cholera epidemic in 19th century Glastonbury has been redesigned using sacred geometry into a water temple unlike any other on the planet. It is an astoundingly beautiful place.
The interior is very dark and only lit by candles, so the footage in this video is dark. But it gives you a taste of the profound tranquillity inside this most beautiful Water Temple. Listen to what you cannot see.
The water flows from a calcium-rich vein beneath Glastonbury Tor. The outdoor shot, near the end of the video shows a spout of the Red Spring (Chalice Well) across the road, then a pipe emitting White Sprint water is seen next to the entrance of the White Spring.
The antlers on the altar towards the end of the video were brought by me - Jesse Waugh - to the White Spring from Dyrham Park, near Bath, England, in 2010, while I was a volunteer at the White Spring. The antlers fell naturally, and were not cut from dead or harmed stags.

For info & directions about The White Spring see



OUROBOROS heralds the beginning of the New Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces marked a turbulent point in the Dream of Humanity. A Brighter and more Beautiful Awakening is now revealing itself. The video for OUROBOROS employs allegorical symbolism in the form of classical motifs as a harbinger that New Beauty is revealing itself even now.

Composed and sung by Jesse Waugh, the video was filmed in Bath, Glastonbury, and principally at Stourhead House & Gardens in England. Jesse Waugh's Gold Sun, Moon, and ORANGE paintings are featured enacting celestial movements in combination denoting Sacred Union, Eclipse, and Rebirth anew. ORANGE is born a New Star and is the symbol and logo for The Fruitarian Society.


Jesse Waugh

Into the mouth of the Serpent
Goes the tail it is chasing
Goes the end it is eating

Dawn will bring new light to all life
Justifying the fight
And bring freedom to you and I

Storm I will not resist the storm
No matter where it comes from
I'll fly away with the wind

Two Forces clash at the front
Without knowing they're one
They collide in the new

It Culminates in the birth of
A new order of ages
The Temple will be rebuilt

She will respond to your pleading
With Divine Cataclysm
Her mouth will open wide


The Sons of Light and of Darkness
Have been at war with each other
Since the first Star was born

He Will restore us to order
After our Age of Chaos
Build a new universe

In To the mouths of the wicked
Will pour flowing the smelted
Ingots of all their gold

Chorus X 3




Winter Wonderland Christmas song sung by Jesse Waugh. 1950s home movies of snowball fights, sledding, skiing, and sleigh rides in montage.



"La Fuite de la Lune" by Oscar Wilde set to music and sung by Jesse Waugh. Video by Jesse Waugh filmed on location at
Rikugien Garden, Tokyo.



La Fuite de la Lune

To outer senses there is peace, 
A dreamy peace on either hand, 
Deep silence in the shadowy land, 
Deep silence where the shadows cease.

Save for a cry that echoes shrill
From some lone bird disconsolate; 
A corncrake calling to its mate; 
The answer from the misty hill.

And suddenly the moon withdraws 
Her sickle from the lightening skies,
And to her sombre cavern flies, 
Wrapped in a veil of yellow gauze.















Jesse Waugh produced a series of TV pilots in 2011 for ART & DESIGN which showcased exhibitions and art events throughout New York City and the United Kingdom. 

Episode Descriptions

In Episode 1 of ART AND DESIGN WORLD we travel up and down the length of England beginning with the Power of Making Exhibition at London's Victoria and Albert Museum, and contrast it with the Arts and Crafts Permanent Collection. Next we visit with painter Charles Hickson at Arley Hall in Cheshire. Finally, we explore the Pilkington Exhibition at Manchester Art Gallery, which is also hosting a Ford Madox Brown Exhibition this month. 


In Episode 2 of ART AND DESIGN WORLD we hear from Tom Vanderbilt at the BMW Guggenheim Lab. We survey the Art Nouveau collections at the MOMA and Met. And we explore Carlito Carvalhosa's Sum Of Days. 


In Episode 3 of ART AND DESIGN WORLD we explore LIVING AS FORM in New York's Lower East Side, Maxfield Parrish paintings at the St. Regis, the Steve Jobs Shrine at the 5th Ave. Apple Store, and Sensitivity of the Seasons - Arts of Japan - at the Metropolitan.


In Episode 4 we visit with Joe Earle, curator of the Fiber Futures exhibition at the Japan Society in New York City.

Curated by Joe Earle

Amanda de Beaufort

Anne Edgar Associates
Ben Warren
Kristen Sollee
Shannon Jowett



Starring April Brucker, James Konczyk, Derek Scott Graves, and Lady Gaga's younger sister Sheila Germanotta, DEATH OF A DUMMY is the offbeat story of a female ventriloquist who makes a deal with the Devil. But who comes out on top? Watch and see...

Written & Directed by
Jesse Waugh

Executive Producer
Armando Dabalus

Music by
Dave Waugh
Composers, Inc.
"The Mystical Phantom Kick Technique"

Line Producer
Miguel Juarez Cuautle


 April Brucker as May and Sheila
 James Konczyk as Malcolm
 Derek Scott Graves as Mephistopheles
 Jeremy X. Halpern as Shlomi
 Jimmy Peracchio as Jimmy
 Miguel Dalmau as Dave
 Joseph Urban as Joe
 Clinton Stewart as Clint
 Fernando Aguilar as Johnny
 Anwar Usman as Blond Theatergoer
 Thomas James Herbst as Theatergoer

jk* Prima
Gary Ranker
Richard Rivera
William Robert Waugh
Keith Henry Williamson

Shot on location in Manhattan and Queens,
New York City

Copyright TINKY FILMS 2011
All Rights Reserved

Check out a review:



Jesse Waugh sings "Fever" Music Video Featuring April Brucker and Derek Scott Graves. "Fever" is the opening track to the upcoming short film "DEATH OF A DUMMY" - a modern film noir story starring April Brucker as Sheila - a ventriloquist tempted by the Devil.

Opening shot camera: Miguel Juarez Cuautle
Hand Snap Lighting: Armand Dabalus



Tyler is in love, but Barbara's love goes much deeper. Be prepared as she takes him into a realm of terror - as ghosts, banshees, and demons seek to rejoin the two lost lovers!

Filmed in what Producer/Director Jesse Waugh has dubbed "iPhone Vérité," and starring Michael Malik as Tyler, THE RED WREATH is an original production intended for YouTube, shot entirely on location in the snowy UK countryside, and completed in early 2011.

"...filled with heavy symbolism and visually arresting.. this is beautiful new art from the mind of Waugh... a British answer to the States' BLAIR WITCH PROJECT." - Derek Scott Graves/ DSG Entertainment Grp '11

Cast Includes:
Michael Malik as Tyler
Claire Varney as Barbara
Alison Edwards as the Banshee
Gwenolye as Mum
Naema Sinclair as the Fortune Teller
Lucifer Howse as Best Mate
Paul Perry as White God
Wayne Harding as Black God
Claire Crumpton as White Goddess
Kali Tammik as Black Goddess
Agni Anderson
Izzy Cadbury
Darren Death
Colin White
and Buster The Dog

Produced by
Alison Edwards
Michael Malik
Jesse Waugh
Keith Williamson

Key Grip
Rufus Crumpton

Facilities Provisions
Claire Crumpton
Alex Diaz
Alison Edwards
Naema Sinclair

Production Assistant
Nino Borzoni




This cute little baby owl was recorded at the International Centre for Birds of Prey in Gloucestershire, England.




The story of the true deity worshipped by humanity.




Share The Adventure with Greggy, Berky and The Bears as they voyage on a quest to reclaim Greggy's Crown! Watch as they build their ship and sail the mighty ocean, encountering storms and obstacles which will not stop them from achieving their goal!

Perfect for children and toddlers ages 0-10, The Greggy and Berky Show is made for a time of innocence and wonder. It has a positive message that trying can lead to success.
Produced by Jesse Waugh and Keith Williamson.

The Greggy and Berky Show Soundtrack can be downloaded from More info here.




Who Do You Belong To? Hydrophobe is an exploration into the origin.

Filmed in locations around the world in 2002-2003 by Jesse Waugh, Hydrophobe is a personal exploration into self-idendity. A hydrophobe is a droplet of water which briefly remains separate from a larger water body. Hydrophobe is an allegory of the illusory separation of Man from God.

Shot in England, Hawaii, New York, and the Isle of Lewis off the northwest coast of Scotland. Also filmed in Wales and on the peaks of the Huangshan Mountains in China.




2002 Nature Documentary featuring a rich variety of animals in the Peruvian, Colombian and Brazilian Amazon regions. Produced by Jesse Waugh and featuring Dr. Luis Campos Baca, former Congressman under the presidency of Japanese Alberto Fujimori, NANAY highlights the Allpahuayo-Mishana Nature Reserve outside Iquitos, Peru.
Jesse Waugh follows trackers as they seek out poachers on the reserve. Also featured is Gudrun Sperrer of Pilpinuwasi wild animal farm, as well as Pekka Soini - an important naturalist who chose to avoid notoriety.

Following are excerpts from a Memoriam for Pekka Soini written by Russell A. Mittermeier, President of Conservation International:
"PEKKA SOINI: 1941--2004
I first met Pekka Soini in 1972 on my first visit to Iquitos, Peru. He was working as a travel agent at the time, but was already an expert on the fauna of Peruvian Amazonia. Being both avid herpetologists, we hit it off immediately and began a friendship that lasted more than three decades. Although we came from very different backgrounds, we shared many things, not the least of which was the fact that both of us had been inspired to go to the tropical rain forest by reading Tarzan books when we were children, Pekka in his native Finland and me in New York.
Pekka was one of the best field biologists I have ever known, a real leader and pioneer who would have been far better known had he chosen to participate in more international meetings. His range of knowledge and the number of species on which he carried out some of the first-ever field studies was truly astounding."




Shot in Manhattan at the East River just after 9/11, Oscillate illustrates the ephemeral nature of Liberty who is portrayed on stage holding an undated book inscribed with infinity.

Oscillate symbolizes the cycle of the creation and destruction of civilization.

Shot in Manhattan's East River Park during the immediate aftermath of 9/11, Liberty's house is dismantled.




This is a short featuring sublime footage of monarch butterflies in their sanctuary in Michoacan, Mexico. Shot in low-res analog video in 1999 by Jesse Waugh, with help from Raul Leon Bazaldua.
Millions of monarch butterflies migrate annually from the Great Lakes to a very specific small pine forest in central Mexico. Presented are beautiful scenes of hoards of butterflies fluttering about in every direction.




"MM" is the mark of an underground slave resistance whose goal it is to escape an omniscient all-seeing-eye-sphere in this fictional portrayal of a parallel Los Angeles. Shot in the L.A. River in low-res analog video in 1997 by Jesse Waugh, MM seeks to define a futuristic fruitarian utopia for those who crave a real solution to our most dire predicament. Starring Manny Muñoz, Pete Rangel, and Paul Sbrizzi.

Note: Jesse Waugh's movie "Other" - depicting various Los Angelean fruit varieties  - is that which is projected on a dark wall under a bridge over the L.A. River by Jesse Waugh as the last scene in MM.



"Free Exhibition Not Prostitution" (FENP) was an exhibition space at 1282 1/2 Sunset Blvd. in Echo Park, Los Angeles, California, founded in 1997 and run by Jesse Waugh. "EXHIBITION" is a documentary about the space produced by Jesse Waugh in 1997, and follows the progress of several exhibitions held by Ricardo Romero, Pete Rangel, and Natalie & Junior.



GRAY is a 1997 documentary made by Jesse Waugh following an East L.A. graffiti artist whose tag was "GRAY." Mostly shot in and around the L.A. River, this short doc provides a rare glimpse into the activities of a tagger, and it was included in the academic regiment of a course on Chicano Studies at Los Angeles City College.



Shot in Super 8 around Los Angeles in 1997 by Jesse Waugh, Ideal portrays fruits of various varieties in an attempt to convey the possibility of a fruitarian utopia.

Frugivory is Ideal. Ideal is a sequence of moving images of various kinds of fruits. The movie Ideal is the object of another movie: MM. In MM, the leader of an underground network of resistant slaves projects Ideal onto a wall in the L.A. River concrete basin in an attempt to free his fellowship from its indenture.



Shot on Super 8 in 1997 by Jesse Waugh, Other is a simple assemblage of discarded clips salvaged from the Autopia cutting room floor.



Shot on Super 8 by Jesse Waugh in and around Echo Park, Los Angeles and in the ruins of the Glendale Theater in 1997, the poetry read aloud by Jesse Waugh was written while he was in Goa, India the previous year. It is a dialogue between a choir of gods and Jesse. It was written in something akin to automatic writing.

Autopia is a dialogue pertaining to nihilism between Man and a choir of Gods.

Shot in Echo Park, Los Angeles, it was my last work on Super8 film.




El Diablo is the third instalment of the the D!OS Trilogy.

El Diablo destroys Man. His sustenance is discarded and he dies. The Gods do not let this heinous act go unpunished, and instigate a flood.




Pictured in D!OS is Rice The Dove. D!OS is the second and joining part of the El Angel Tryptic about Los Angeles personified as El Angel.

D!OS is the second and joining part of the D!OS triptych. It is only seven seconds in length.

It is a close-up of Rice The Dove.




El Angel is the first instalment of the D!OS Trilogy filmed in the L.A. River basin and around Los Angeles starting in 1994 and continuing until 1996.

From the original cover description: "El Angel de Los Angeles. The river flows. The fountain rises, climaxes, falls. The city is born, and it will live and die."



 2016 Come Together  (Video short) 

 2016 Walk on the Wild Side  (Short) 

 2015 Dock of the Bay  (Short) 

 2015 Hidden Eclipse  (Short) 

 2015 Crowley's Inferno  (Short) 

 2015 Polishing the Concept  (Short) 

 2015 Beauty Sublime  (Short) 

 2014 Requiem for the Mackintosh Library  (Short) 

 2013 Japanese Tea Garden  (Short) 

 2013 The Torrigiani Tower of Athanor  (Documentary short) 

 2013 The Rain Temple  (Short) 

 2012 The Third Temple  (Short) 

 2012 Rainbow Decay  (Short) 

 2011 Death of a Dummy  (Short) 

 2011 Tinky Art & Design Show  (TV Series documentary short) (4 episodes) 

Episode #1.4  (2011)

Episode #1.3  (2011)

Episode #1.2  (2011)

Episode #1.1  (2011)

 2011 The Red Wreath  (Short) 

 2006 The Greggy and Berky Show  (Video) 

 2003 Hydrophobe   (Short) 

 2002 Nanay  (Documentary short) 

 2001 Oscillate  (Short) 

 1999 Monarca  (Short) 

 1997 Exhibition  (Documentary short) 

 1997 MM: Wavelength  (Short) 

 1997 Autopia  (Short) 

 1997 Gray  (Documentary short) 

 1997 Other  (Short) 

 1997 Ideal  (Short) 

 1996 El Diablo  (Short) 

 1995 Dios  (Short) 

 1994 El Angel  (Short)