Taco Bell is Dead to Me!

I generally avoid fast food, but once every year or two I crave a vegan Taco Bell burrito and tacos. They are crap quality, but those little salsa packets taste too good for me to give up. 

At least that was the case until now. Taco Bell just opened its second branch in Barcelona, Spain. So I decided to go crack myself out on my yearly fix of Taco Bell hot salsa. 

They have these new touch ordering screens that look like big iPhones where you can omit ingredients, but as usual I ended up having to order from the guy at the counter - who actually turned out to be quite helpful and knowledgeable about what’s vegan. He correctly ordered vegan food for me. 

I’d noticed on the touch ordering display that the bean “frijoles” burrito image showed black beans — but I suffered cognitive dissonance keeping the hope alive that they would still have refried pinto beans. 

Of course my hopes were dashed, upon delivery of my tacos. Rather Spartan with only the vegan ingredients left after excluding the non-vegan ones, the burrito and tacos only had whole black beans and a bit of rice inside them!!!

This was a disaster. I cannot understand why people think that black beans are healthier than pinto beans - in what alternative universe is this the case? And refried beans - which can be either pinto or black - simply have oil and salt added to them generally - which makes them taste good - and oil and salt are good for you in proper proportions. So this Taco Bell shift from pinto to black beans is obviously a giant corporate marketing decision to influence public perception of their food to make it appear healthier. 

Needless to say - it is still just fast garbage — factory processed chemical concoctions designed by scientists to look like food!

Oh well, I guess in the greater scheme of things this is a good thing for me as it is the only fast food I’ve ever craved. I get a vegan sandwich at Subway once in a blue moon if I’m desperate but otherwise I don’t go near fast food joints and I eat extremely healthily. 

Good Bye Taco Bell!

Jesse WaughTaco Bell