YouTube Popularity Contest, PEAK SOCIAL and the Truth Movement 2.0

I think YouTube has become a frenzied popularity contest and I'm sort of bowing out of it to an extent. It's finally dawned on me what's happening - I've known it for a long time, but now I have to address it.

I think the Truth Movement has had a second wave on YouTube over the past two or three years. The first Truth Movement was of course on the internet after 9/11. So I'm calling this more recent incarnation Truth Movement 2.0. It is certainly a valid Truth Movement, but it has now become so popular that truthers are competing for popularity and views - and this, in my mind, threatens its legitimacy.

Social media in general has certainly peaked - with Facebook's massive devaluation being an outward sign of this phenomenon, but people's declining interest in social media being the real cause of what I'm terming 'peak social'.

Yes - I'll try to stop saying "um" so much -- but it's hard.

Jesse Waugh