Dave Hall - Butterfly and Flower Paintings

Dave Hall
Butterfly Painting - Purple

Dave Hall is a multi-talented artist and musician from Manchester, UK who currently lives in Germany. I have been impressed with his Art Nouveau-inspired works, as well as his more recent, beautiful set of six butterfly and flower paintings.

As part of The Pulchrist Survey, I asked Dave Hall five questions about his thoughts on Beauty as the purpose of art, and following are his answers:

Does Beauty pertain to art?

Beauty IS art. Anything non-beautiful does not deserve to be referred to as art..

If so, what is the purpose of Beauty in art? If not, what is the purpose of art?

Art is to inspire thrill and provide beauty....to elevate above the mundane...to provide the viewer with a sense of wonderment and clarity. Beauty in is itself powerful and intuitive universal human truth that lies within the subconcious.

Do you consciously attempt to create beautiful art?

Yes....ugliness is redundant I have no time for it...I wish to thrill...not to shock.

What are some examples of Beauty that you have noticed in your art or in the art of others?

The works of JW Waterhouse, JW Godward and Alfons Mucha capture the secret of beauty and the pursuit of the divine sacred feminine....the potrayal of nature as undistorted perfection.

Does art have a future? What might it look like? 

Art requires no temporal frame of reference so the question of art having a future is redundant. Art IS the past, the present and the future.

Dave Hall's art can be viewed on his facebook page at the following address: https://www.facebook.com/dave.hall.923519

Jesse Waugh