A Visit With Thomas Darnell - Painting Beauty

Artist Thomas Darnell at his studio in the south of France

Thomas Darnell paints beautiful florals, landscapes and abstracts in oil on linen. I was lucky to be invited to visit his studio in the south of France this past week. Along with his wife Nicole, Tom runs a successful art studio in Sainte Valiere - a thriving French village northwest of Narbonne. 

The art of Thomas Darnell certainly adheres to Pulchrist tenets, and therefore - I would argue - falls under the rubric of Pulchrism.

Check out Thomas Darnell's website at:  http://thomasdarnell.com  and his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/thomasdarnellprints

Following are images of Tom and Nicole at home and at work - painting in the studio,  harvesting sunflowers from their allotment, communicating with customers via the internet, and also pictured are their two lovely dogs Gladys and Betty.

Jesse Waugh