Peonies Baroque

195 X 114 CM

Peonies Baroque is a revelation. In it I have discovered the magnetism of asymmetry. The balance between the positive and negative space has revealed to me the folly of horror vacui, in that it proves to me that the tessellation of white and black - full and empty - is eternal harmony.

So much has been done in our era to overturn the natural order of things. It is up to us to force and receive a new order in the chaos which has decimated our culture. 

Through the spiralling yin and yang of creation is born the beautiful balance that our minds, souls and eyes crave so deeply. The abyss into which we have cast ourselves and each other has nearly swallowed our souls. We must fill it with our reclaimed humanity if we are to survive the excessive collectivization to which we are being subjected by our own lack of trust in Truth. 


"Peonies Baroque" Oil on canvas by Jesse Waugh This is a commission for a private collector in Texas. More at:

Posted by Jesse Waugh on Saturday, April 1, 2017
Jesse Waugh