On Alan Watts and Heterotrophy

Following is a very crude Google Docs voice recognition transcription of this video (many glitches and much content missing):

And heterotrophic okay so what is heterotroph mean it's a civil war actually it just means hetero means other and trophy means eat eating other so trophies like heterotroph how to General of the but I never heard of him that I remember but he was where the self-realization fellowship Temple wasn't Richmond his chart he what he did was he preached in like a Presbyterian Church in Sausalito and I think he had a considerable following and then he would go around to ordering and giving lectures in San Francisco and la and taxes and other places if I guess run United States I've been listening to his Talks on YouTube of his recordings Stating that that we should be following blindly right that you devil to you should be following blindly and that's something to snap in my head and it said I'm not going to follow blindly I do believe in faith but I'm not sure I believe in Blind Faith I believe its full face but that's okay I don't need an intermediary I even like one of my first paintings what I did was I just put the word disintermediation across a canvas with a lot of glitter around it and that was because I was saying what no I don't want intermediaries discussion with a rabbi a friend of mine He's basically saying that I see them believe in like 7 intermediaries or something like that and I said I don't believe that we need intermediaries and I stand by that so I don't I wouldn't need a guru I wouldn't look for one and certainly was a type of Guru although he was very open about his not wanting to be a guru and he would go so far as to say like an electric I just listened to which I'm going to you go so far to say you know you all in the coming year Basically this notion of the irreducible rascalities of the nature of man and he Likens it to the yetzer Hara which is like this concept and I think talmudic Judaism which is basically it's kind of similar to and he said he says God instilled the sphere What I want to talk about is okay first I'm going to give a little bit of my painting of my general opinion of Alan Watts and then I want to get in and then I'm going to talk to somebody about the Lexus I just heard about that had that had to do with okay so ok That gets me into another question that's kind of a side issue but it's not it's but it's sure it's actually fairly Central as well as that I fully believe that Alan Watts was if not compromise by then at least involved with intelligence operations of the CIA the MI6 or whatever right and I do what I think is that he he was closely tied with Timothy Leary and a lot of the other of Aldous Huxley I don't think it was good she said she still works at the time of a video of a video I just watched about an interview appearance of hers that she did a few years ago on YouTube basically I don't want was involved with that I have no doubt about that now how much that would have affected what he said in his lectures I don't know but his lectures are so honest just flatter honest they really are Intelligence and you might be saying oh well how do you know he's involved with intelligence operations Timothy Leary has been proven to have been involved he was a CIA operative from the get-go Or eighties even talking in a living room with a bunch of soup type guys who are not at all hippies you know Timothy Leary and Timmy's basically he was working with the CIA and in that video that same video Timothy Leary if I recall correctly correctly right so that's still a circumstantial evidence but it's still Culture creators or something at some speech 10 years ago or something and that term is stuck in my head culture creation and I think that's what Alan Watts is part of okay so long story short I think he was working for intelligence and I think that he was part of the culture creation Force along with Timothy Leary Allen Ginsberg Aldous Huxley To what extent And I have to say that everything that I've heard him say sounds legitimate basically like it's coming from an honest place in his mind okay and is profound mind okay I've only heard one thing that I can remember that I knew was it just an outright mistake and that was his discussion he mentions nuclear bombs and some and some talk of his nuclear Atomic Warfare which means he believed in it because he's the way that he talks about it as if it were real and I personally and I made a video So we are all heterotrophs because no matter what we eat we need something else even plants that conduct photo photosynthesis are heterotrophs in as much as they consume sunlight right you can stay I think even though I'm not sure but we're maybe a plant that photosynthesize is considered an autotroph and that would mean that it's self-sufficient Are or cold you know I've never heard anyone ever mention the word heterotroph in any contacts never heard it or read it okay I had to look that up looked at War I wrote a carp of Fades Treatise I'm not sure what I called it but I wrote A Treatise on eating fruit the fruit Gymboree right for tarantism back in 2000 when I was working at the Whitney Museum in New York I wrote it and I found the word heterotrophy I found it what it looked it up in the dictionary It is at the Crux of the Universe I see the most basic element element the most basic element of the universe as being the primordial force that first Sparks right so there's a sudden a sudden spark right and that's Park Ismail and or perhaps it's yeah it's over on mail in the nothingness which is female and then the Jews or the helmet is I'm not sure if it's a standard Jewish philosophy but that use my front I'm told me that there's that there's a concept behind the the feminine nothing is in the masculine something this that is neither of those two things and I think they call that Female and rocks into existence and that's right that's the primary element right of the universe but what Alan Watts said that I just listened to and the reason is because it's the most profound thing I've ever heard anyone else say is that he was There has to be a place an element of a happening of an instance rather of unconsciousness of ignorance of what it what's the word to use unawareness something to that effect that creates the on and off that allows it to eat itself because it's unaware of it that it's eating its own he says it's unaware that that it's eating what came from excrement and we'll go back to excrement something for that fact but he we'll see the world Inherently evil because they realize that at down to its core the universe is heterotroph right so meaning that everything consumes everything else right and that has been my biggest problem with life four decades now I remember back in like 97 when I was really began thinking about the stuff other than 21 or two or something I remember feeling crushed beneath the weight of the knowledge that I was treading on the entire universe part of the universe trading on itself eating itself depending killing depending on killing other beings in order to consume them that their energy and rebuild ourselves we are Dilemma for me for decades and this is the first time I've ever heard anyone out right attempt because he only attempts at solving the solution in this talk he he is not a brief mention but it's not complete analysis by any stretch but it's the only time I've ever heard anyone try to address the issue that you know there's a fundamental void there's a fundamental I want to stay in Balance but it's not in a balance or maybe it isn't balanced yeah it is Line is what creates the rhythm of a phone growth of Universe of of vibration of everything that was out. Negative he doesn't use the word negative but it is without that negative Darkness I think he says boring boring us the only other philosopher I've ever heard mention about something similar is that Joseph Campbell said something like vegetarians ignore the fact that their teeth are still killing vegetables and Vegetable is vegetable East which means animated Sophie and animal are exactly the same and so when you chop up broccoli for example that's probably what woke me up to this you know when you chop up And it's at and how is it treated just as much alive as an animal is so what I devised from that and I'll do another video about this some other time I don't I'm not going to go into explaining extensively here but Alive and it autonomous will yet it wasn't didn't have a furnace existence yet so basically fruits are alive aren't they if you think of a mango it's it is a lie you know and see is it is it kinetic existence yet it's arguable it is not okay and so that my But I do the line where I didn't where I believe that I can eat life consume life he's you kind of have to consume life unless you become a breatharian or whatever even then you're still consuming something cuz you're breathing on your consuming air or certain molecules no oxygen or whatever but I do the line there so that I would only be eating what was alive but only potentially life verses what kinetically lye soap versus eating a gazelle or a cow or a pig or broccoli right or other plants of celery what other plants are there that we can you know any any kind of carrots onions from And by doing that I would be effectively saving myself as in Salvation right so that's why I made this video because Alan Watts talk with them leaking below I don't know what the title of this talk wasn't where it was given I think it was given that in Sausalito because it sounds like his local is proprietary audience On a subject which I've never heard anyone talk about 4 but which has been my biggest concern for decades and I'm glad that he has inspired me to make this video because I think I've been needing to open up a dialogue on this subject and I think maybe now it's time.

Jesse Waugh