"Art and Alchemy" Exhibition at the Uffizi

Art and Alchemy Exhibition
L' Alchimia e Le Arte
Uffizi Gallery
Florence, Italy

Jacopo Ligozzi
Fortune  / Fortuna
Late 16th century
Oil on wood

The Uffizi is hosting a revealing exhibition entitled "Alchemy and Art", which features numerous original prints and paintings depicting alchemists in their labs, as well as various symbolic depictions pertinent to the craft.

Medici involvement in, and support of, the proto-science of alchemy is a central theme of the show, and most of the objects on display have a direct connection to the Medicis and their laboratories and foundries.

Wedgwood Retorts
18th century

Athanor alembic
17th century

Ampulla - Florentine bottle
Of the type used in alchemy and alchemical practice

Allegory of Medicine