THE THIRD TEMPLE by Jesse Waugh - Homage to Kenneth Anger's LUCIFER RISING

Jesse Waugh
Cheops Sun



Jesse Waugh's THE THIRD TEMPLE is an inauguration of the dawning Age of Aquarius.

Filmed at numerous Egyptian temples and pyramids, at the site of Oracle of Delphi in Greece, and in the City of Moshiach, Jerusalem - THE THIRD TEMPLE is a loving homage to Kenneth Anger's Lucifer Rising.

Jesse Waugh's THE THIRD TEMPLE Starring Anwar Usman is inspired by Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger. Shot principally in Egypt, at numerous Ancient Egyptian temples up and down the Nile, THE THIRD TEMPLE employs Angerian archetypes established in Lucifer Rising and other works, in an attempt to ceremonially bring on the New Age of Aquarius.

The ritualistic love power exchange between Pharaoh (in this case Akhenaten) and Queen (in this case Nefertiti) which was the crux of Lucifer Rising is supplanted by an embodiment of The Sacred Hermaphrodite enacting both roles against itself.

THE THIRD TEMPLE is an inauguration of the coming reestablishment and rebuilding of King Solomon's Temple for the third time at the site of the current Dome of The Rock.