Botticelli at Ognissanti

Saint Augustine / Sant'Agostino / San Agustin

Botticelli is entombed in the Chiesa di Ognissanti in Florence, and there is also a fresco of his (which has been remounted after being removed using the strappo or stacco technique) in the church. The somewhat unappealing protagonist of the work is painted with Botticelli's characteristic bright prettiness. As with most or all of Botticelli's paintings, the overall effect is beautiful.

Of special note is the Pythagorean iconography shown on the pages of a book behind Saint Augustine, and the astrolabe in front a the book - both being references to alchemy.

The last image is one of Botticelli's tomb. Botticelli was something of a stage name: His real name was Alessandro Filipepi. His tomb marker is quite humble compared to that of Michelangelo at Santa Croce, Donatello at San Lorenzo, and Raphael at the Pantheon. However, it is on par with the simple tomb of Bernini in Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome.

The tomb of Botticelli