Lisbon's Only Art Nouveau?

Animatografo do Rossio

Although there are plenty of good examples of Beaux Arts buildings in Lisbon, some of which bleed stylistically into quasi-Art Nouveau, the Animatografo do Rossio is the only full-blown example I could find of Art Nouveau architectural facade in Lisbon. There is a Guimard Metropolitan station entrance at Picoas Station near Saldanha, but it is an import, so not native Lisboa. And of course the Lalique exhibit at the Gulbenkian is a must-see.

Currently a blue-movie / peep show establishment, the name animotografo presumably harkens to the venue's former nickelodeon glory days.

Aside from the obvious whiplash plasterwork, which could do with a proper repair, there are two rather good Mucha-esque tile paintings. The interior is devoid of any original decoration.

Animatografo do Rossio

Mucha-esque tile painting

Mucha esque tile painting

Animatografo do Rossio