Museo de Sao Roque - Lisbon, Portugal

Sao Sebastiao
Portugal, late 18th century
Gilt and polychrome wood

The hyper-ornate church of Sao Roque stands just up the hill from the center of Lisbon - Baixa-Chiado. It has its own museum filled with Catholic treasures. A few pieces made it into the Pulchrist annals. Of note were the statuette of Saint Sebastian pictured above, the dove baldaquin shown below, and the Japanese missal stand also pictured below. The Japanese missal stand and accompanying box-shape (not shown) seemed to be made for (Portuguese?) export and bore obvious Persian details, specifically arch-shapes as can be seen in the bottom section of the piece shown below.

Joaquim Manuel da Rocha
"Sao Sebastiao"
Portugal, 18th century
Oil on canvas

"Cristo Crucificado"
Portugal, 18th century
Polychrome wood and silver

Baptismal shell
Portugal (?), late 18th century
Raised and hammered silver

Portugal, 19th century
Silver with inlaid diamonds, amethysts and crystals

Leandro Gagliardi
Incense boat and spoon
Rome, 1744-1750
Chiselled and gilt silver

Felice Scifone
Rome, 1744-1750
Cast and chiselled gilt copper

Missal stand
Japan, Momoyama period, 16th/17th century
Lacquered wood with mother of pearl inlays

Door hanging
China, 2nd half of the 17th century
Silk velvet, satin, gold-wrapped thread and polychrome silks

There is an ivory Christ figure reflecting in the display glass in the middle of the tapestry shown above.