Anagathusia is a short art film by Jesse Waugh starring Gerardo Alberto Nuñez.

Agathusia means 'noble sacrifice' - like seppuku or sati or harakiri (hari kari). So by anagathusia I mean wasteful, ignoble self-sacrifice despite any good intentions. Anagathusia would then include pointless suicide. I apply this concept to the current situation facing the West, in which it suffers from what I would describe as "suicidal altruism". 

What positive entities must realize is that there is NOTHING we can do to fill the abyss of the negative. Attempts to satiate it by force are unnatural and born of hubris. If we love ourselves, others and nature, then it behooves us to accept that gender is balance, and that hives manifest hierarchies. We can fight that Truth all we want, but such a fight can only end in self-destruction.

Self-sacrifice may or may not have served a valid purpose for humanity in the past. But it is a form of human sacrifice no matter how you look at it. Individuals sacrificing themselves for the group seems like an insect behavior to me. Perhaps it is hubris on my part to think we can come up with a better solution.

Gerardo Alberto Nuñez in  Anagathusia

Gerardo Alberto Nuñez in Anagathusia

Jesse Waugh