Catalan Modernista Japonisme in Sitges, Barcelona


I found a most lovely example of Catalan Japanese-inspired (or it could be chinoiserie - Chinese inspired - or simply general orientalist) modernismo on the ceiling of the entrance hall of an old, unrestored and completely original Art Nouveau modernista apartment building in Sitges - a beach town west of Barcelona, Spain. 

The ceiling mural painting depicts sparrows or blue tits on what I’m guessing is a lilac branch in front of scattered bamboo. 


It really struck me as a lovely painting, in an atmospheric setting, and the completely unretouched, original Art Nouveau environment really gave me the feeling of being back in that time.


What’s most interesting about the mural is that it is a thoroughly modernista overlay of a distinctively oriental theme. That makes it a very Beautiful and unique example of a rare crossover between genres. 


It is located at Carrer Sant Bartolomeu 26, in Sitges, Spain. 

Jesse Waugh