Butterflies & Rainbows (For Poppy) - Piano Music Story by Jesse Waugh

Butterflies & Rainbows by Jesse Waugh

Butterflies & Rainbows (For Poppy)

Butterflies & Rainbows is a series of piano works which tell the story of Poppy the Little Cairn seeing Butterflies in the flowers; then seeing a giant Rainbow over the moors. She looks closely at the Spectrum to see the colours, then she finds a piece of Lace and sits down to pull it apart. Next she climbs craggy Rock and Stone up to a field of Poppies. She spies a Cairn in the middle of the field and crawls deep down into it and finds rats in its cavernous tunnels! She catches a rat and breaks its neck! Carrying the rat in her mouth, she climbs back up through dark passages and reaches the glorious light! She brings the rat to the bank of a large stream with a waterfall and lays it down. She watches as the waterfall creates Ripples across the water. As the sun is getting ready to set, Poppy runs Down the Hill Through the Woods Home, but on the way she stops abruptly because she has seen an Ant crawling on Lilies. When the ant disappears, Poppy goes back home and is greeted by her friends and family.

Composed and Recorded in Lisbon by Jesse Waugh. August, 2012.

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