The Winged Self

The Winged Self is a commission for a private US collector, and is inspired by the beautiful Rosicrucian concept of “focusing on the inner Divine Perfection of each individual”. The Winged Self is manifested as a pure white rose on a winged cross. My interpretation of this concept depicts more roses as the wings and body of the central white rose.

Special archival technical notes: This is the first painting I have freehand-painted my logo signature, rather than using my signature stamp - as is done with oriental art. The second special note is that this may be my first entirely non-toxic painting, in that I used no solvents or other noxious chemicals in the painting process — although it may be varnished with Gamvar in the coming weeks.

The Winged Self continues my exploration into artist-as-curator subject selection - in which I choose subject matter solely based on its Pulchrist value regardless of its origination - and is after a photograph by GLady.

Jesse Waugh